Author: jackums

The Great Dorothy West

The Wedding by Dorothy West has long been a favorite of mine in large part because I love the east coast, including Martha’s Vineyard. This book brings to life the hierarchy we create within a race– by income, color, and upbringing. The very thing that should make us more solid can tear us apart. But […]

BeBe Moore Campbell Marathon

I had a Bebe Moore Campbell marathon. I started with Your Blues Aint Like Mine and was greedy for her writing style; so I moved on to What You Owe Me, Brothers and Sisters…and then finally devoured Singing in the Comeback Choir. I’m glad I reread them in that order. Your Blues Aint Like Mine […]

Oops to Opps.

I quite frequently have failures and little things that just don’t go as planned.  But the trick is to turn those oops into opportunities.  A prime example is the Thanksgiving pound cakes.  I’m not sure why but some of them didn’t come out pretty.  Too brown but the inside was moist and good.  Crumbled because […]

My Cousin Rachel by Daphne du Maurier

I think first read Daphne Du Maurier in high school when I couldn’t put down Rebecca.  That books scared me but also put a spell on me so that I couldn’t put it down until the last page had been turned.  My Cousin Rachel had the same effect.  Throughout the entire I was a little […]

Paper Goods.

For me simplify can mean so many things.  Decluttering.  Using what I have.  Making it easy on myself.  Taking the short cut. To that end, when I made my cakes for Thanksgiving, I wanted a simple but holiday-ish way to package them for each household.  Paper goods to the rescue.  For less than 12 people, […]