Paper Goods.

For me simplify can mean so many things.  Decluttering.  Using what I have.  Making it easy on myself.  Taking the short cut. To that end, when I made my cakes for Thanksgiving, I wanted a simple but holiday-ish way to package them for each household.  Paper goods to the rescue.  For less than 12 people, I prefer real plates and silverware.  But for larger groups, I have started to turn to paper goods even as part of me still rebels.  After each function there are always left-over goods.  I place them in the same cabinet and use them the next year, sometimes mixing and matching, or if there are just a handful I use them in my lunches.  The plates are always festive, and the quality has improved greatly from the flimsy paper plates that we struggled with at barbeques and picnics or steadied on wicker and plastic chargers.  My cakes looked great on the variety of plates. I used items that I liked while simplifying the process.  Long story short, if you have extra paper goods, put them to good use when packaging take-home items for your guests, treats during the same season, or to brighten your lunchbox offerings. How do you use yours?