Oops to Opps.

I quite frequently have failures and little things that just don’t go as planned.  But the trick is to turn those oops into opportunities.  A prime example is the Thanksgiving pound cakes.  I’m not sure why but some of them didn’t come out pretty.  Too brown but the inside was moist and good.  Crumbled because part of the cake stuck to the pan. Did you know that Baker’s Joy and Pam have expiration dates?  I just learned that.  Perhaps that was the issue.  Anyway, I had some oops along the way.  But it gave me the opportunity to make trifle.  Trifle is small bites of cake layered with something creamy and fruit.  You can make large portions in an actual trifle dish but I also like individual portions made in fancy glasses or every day old fashion glasses. My post-Thanksgiving trifles consisted of pound cake cubes, vanilla yogurt, and pineapple.  One year at a holiday open house I had cranberry trifle made with pound cake, a whipped cream/pudding creamy filling, and leftover homemade cranberry sauce from Thanksgiving.

1. Put a layer of the creamy substance in the bottom of the dish.

2. Layer in some chunks of cake, staggering so cream and fruit can seep into the spaces.

3. Add a layer of fruit.

4.  Repeat layers but end with cream.

5. As a hint to the flavor you might place some fruit on top as decoration.

Cake options: pound cake, angel food cake, brownies, carrot cake

Creamy options: Whipped cream, yogurt, pudding

Fruit options: lemon curd, cranberry sauce, canned fruit, fresh berries, frozen fruit thawed and WELL drained

2 thoughts on “Oops to Opps.

  1. Phyllis A Jackson

    I for one sincerely appreciated the cakes they were so good just finished the last one last week heated up they were delicious I find baking the old fashion way that is using crisco to grease pan then flour it works best for me and besides it bromgs back so many good memories of watching my mom bake for the holidays

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